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BCat Designs

A place to be free from shame and explore my abilities

Past:  Using old journal entries and art to reflect on how far I have come and what I am still struggling with.

Present:  Being intentional with my hands and using them to create, grow, and rest.  Letting go of what might be or what others might think, and just expressing myself. 

Future:  Building a foundation for growth, exploring what my creative strengths are capable of.

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About Me

Thoughts. Experiences. Inspiration.

About me... Well I just got assessed for ADHD after years of struggling.  Having these bursts of motivation and creativity, but transitioning to fear of failure and depression because I was too overwhelmed by all the new decisions and content.  Not knowing how to sort everything my mind was telling me to do. BCat Designs and What Should I Do With My Hands? is explore what's worked, what hasn't, and what I am trying in the ever growing problem of deciding what to do with myself. We all need something to motivate us, I hope you enjoy mine. 


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